Mental & Physical Wellbeing is rooted in Spirituality (Easter);

As we celebrate Easter, it is important to highlight the symbolism of Easter in relation to our wellbeing. While we reflect on how the covid situation has adversely impacted so many people mentally, emotionally and physically let us briefly explore the meaning of Easter and how its symbolism connects our spirituality and wellbeing;


Easter is the season we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – We celebrate Easter because of what His death represents to us, and the significance of His resurrection to our wellbeing; He became the sacrificial lamb, ordained to die so that we may have live. He paid the ultimate price of a painful death so that we may receive abundant life; Consisting of Health & healing, Peace, Sound mind, Freedom and most importantly Salvation.

The vital key to these gracious gifts is only by believing and confessing His sacrificial act on the cross (Romans 10.9). The following scriptural verses buttress the significance of what Jesus Christ did and its benefit to us;

  • Healing: He Himself took our sicknesses and carried our diseases (Matthew 8.17). I am the Lord who heals you (Exodus 15.26). He took away all our afflictions and made us well.
  • Peace: He was wounded for our transgressions, the chastisement for our peace was on Him and by His stripes we are healed’ (Isaiah 53.5). Healing and peace is encompassing, this consists of every form of physical, mental and emotional health conditions, including addiction. 

More benefits from His death and resurrection;

  • Sound Mind: God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1.7). Sound mind indicates a state of mental wellbeing.
  • Freedom: He whom Christ has set free is free indeed (John 8:36) – Freedom could be deliverance from physical or mental captivity such as trauma, addictions etc. These are some of our heritage based on what Jesus did on Easter. However, as this inheritance is spiritual, it can only be accessed by understanding the spiritual meaning of Easter – Easter is not really about Bunnies. 🙂 (Easter Bunnies are great Easter novelties, but this is only the commercial side of the celebrations and has nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter). Easter is actually a celebration of our freedom through Christ.

Take for example; If you discover that someone has paid your outstanding debt, you will be bold in resisting a debt collector’s harassment. In the same vein, when you understand that Jesus Christ paid a spiritual debt to give you life and ensure your complete wellbeing, you will be strengthened and bold from within yourself to resist any thing attacking your wellbeing. Physical and mental wellbeing is rooted in the spiritual and can be drawn from within – This wholesome wellbeing is accessed spiritually by faith (believing). Even if you are still receiving medical treatment to deal with physical symptoms, you can begin to channel your inner strength (Faith) for a complete deep healing. Medication is good, but this healing is limited as it deals with only symptoms and not the root cause. This is the reason most ailments recur after a while because the root of the issue is still present.

Christ’s suffering and death was for this purpose – He was bruised, battered and died on that cross so that the root of whatever could attack your overall wellbeing may be dealt with and replaced by an abundant life. It’s a free gift – All you need do is to believe, accept Him (Romans 10.9), and you can access this priceless gift of love.

The simplicity of this concept makes it difficult for many to receive because things that come free or easy are often taken for granted. Like the air we breathe for instance, you take it for granted until you lose your ability to breathe.

Plug in today! As we remember what Jesus Christ did on Easter, look towards the completed work of the cross for inner healing, peace, comfort and salvation.

Christ has come that we may have life and have life more abundantly  (John 10.10).



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