Diligence & Discipline; Pathways to wealth and success.

Developing diligence and discipline:

 Developing an attitude of diligence and discipline places you in a position of power; a pathway to wealth and success.


Diligence according to Webster dictionary means having a devoted and painstaking work pattern to accomplish an undertaking. In other words, it is having a conscientious attitude to duty, always showing up to do your outmost best in your work or responsibility. It is the unrelenting commitment to achieve a goal or set goals such as; exams, projects or financial goals etc. It reflects ones drive or determination to complete a course of action no matter the obstacle they face.

Being Diligent is the opposite of being lazy or slothful which are barriers to achieving life success. As the book of Proverbs records: ‘The way of a slothful person is as a hedge of thorns, but the path of the diligent is smooth.’  (Proverbs 15.19 – MSG). Life generally gets easier or ‘luckier’ for the diligent. If you desire to achieve lasting wealth and success, you must learn to be diligent in what you do.


Discipline (or Self-discipline) is similar to diligence but slightly different. It involves having a form of self – control. It is your ability to conform yourself to a pattern of rules or positive behaviours, such as personal training or exercises to keep fit. This conditioning can come from an external intervention where one is conditioned by another to conform. It can also be self-imposed through self-control; a personal discipline of keeping regular positive habits over time, to achieve a desired outcome.

It is possible to display diligence to your work without being a disciplined person. However, it is the combination of diligence (dedication to duty or responsibility), and discipline (ability to control ones emotions or actions), that builds greatness and durable success. You need a strong will to be disciplined, otherwise you are vulnerable to life’s distractions and challenges. As the scripture explains : –  Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down without walls.’ (Proverbs 25.28). Allowing lustful and reckless desires to rule your actions without self-control (or discipline) makes you a disaster waiting to happen.

Diligence and discipline are compatible patterns of behaviour as these work best together. Diligence drives you to take positive action continuously, while discipline enables you to keep a firm control on your self and remain focused on achieving your goals. – Positive physical action and a positive mental attitude must align for ultimate success to occur.

5 ways to develop diligence & discipline towards success;

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Benefits of Praise and Thanksgiving;

Thanksgiving season represents a time of giving and sharing in appreciation for Gods blessings to us and loved ones through out the year.

Thanksgiving celebrations may be seasonal, but having an attitude of Praise and thanksgiving should be constant – This is a powerful key to success in every sphere of life.

Photo by Mălina Sîrbu 

Praise and thanksgiving are closely related, because a heart of thanksgiving always precedes a voice of praise – This action could be towards a person or more importantly towards to God.

Thanksgiving Photo by Monstera 

The popular celebration of thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude, especially to God.  You acknowledge God’s goodness, praising and thanking Him for all His blessings; Protection, provision, life, love, family etc.

It is difficult to offer genuine words of appreciation to anyone without offering words of praise. An expression of praise and thanksgiving activates more favors to us. For instance, you draw a positive response from praising or commending a colleague for a job well done. This applies to God also, as with every good parent, when you display heartfelt gratitude for good things they have done, they are happy to do so much more.

My family and I recently attended a beautiful thanksgiving service. It was a refreshing experience listening to families share their reasons for being so thankful to God in spite of everything going on the past 18months. We were reminded that there is always something to be thankful for no matter ones circumstances.

The Powerful benefits of Praise and Thanksgiving is revealed in the following scriptural verses;

Benefits of Praise and Thanksgiving from the scriptures;

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Born for a Purpose;

No matter your background or how you were conceived, you are born for a purpose and your birth is not an accident!

Your conception may have seemed like an accident, but God, the Creator who works out every circumstance for good, knows how to produce something good from an unprecedented situation. This could be your situation – Be aware that God knew you before you came forth and has a good purpose and destiny for you to fulfil despite the circumstances of your birth.

This is evidenced in the following scriptural verse;

” Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” Jeremiah 1.5

Some people insist they are not supposed to be here because their conception and birth was unplanned; Such as being the product of rape or other unplanned conception. These compelling reasons sometimes result in someone living a reckless, unfulfilling life, void of purpose.

On the contrary, everyone has a purpose no matter the circumstance of their birth and can have a fulfilled life by identifying what that purpose is.

How to identify your purpose and fulfil your potential;

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Mental & Physical Wellbeing is rooted in Spirituality (Easter);

As we celebrate Easter, it is important to highlight the symbolism of Easter in relation to our wellbeing. While we reflect on how the covid situation has adversely impacted so many people mentally, emotionally and physically let us briefly explore the meaning of Easter and how its symbolism connects our spirituality and wellbeing;


Easter is the season we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – We celebrate Easter because of what His death represents to us, and the significance of His resurrection to our wellbeing; He became the sacrificial lamb, ordained to die so that we may have live. He paid the ultimate price of a painful death so that we may receive abundant life; Consisting of Health & healing, Peace, Sound mind, Freedom and most importantly Salvation.

The vital key to these gracious gifts is only by believing and confessing His sacrificial act on the cross (Romans 10.9). The following scriptural verses buttress the significance of what Jesus Christ did and its benefit to us;

  • Healing: He Himself took our sicknesses and carried our diseases (Matthew 8.17). I am the Lord who heals you (Exodus 15.26). He took away all our afflictions and made us well.
  • Peace: He was wounded for our transgressions, the chastisement for our peace was on Him and by His stripes we are healed’ (Isaiah 53.5). Healing and peace is encompassing, this consists of every form of physical, mental and emotional health conditions, including addiction. 

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