Born for a Purpose;

No matter your background or how you were conceived, you are born for a purpose and your birth is not an accident!

Your conception may have seemed like an accident, but God, the Creator who works out every circumstance for good, knows how to produce something good from an unprecedented situation. This could be your situation – Be aware that God knew you before you came forth and has a good purpose and destiny for you to fulfil despite the circumstances of your birth.

This is evidenced in the following scriptural verse;

” Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” Jeremiah 1.5

Some people insist they are not supposed to be here because their conception and birth was unplanned; Such as being the product of rape or other unplanned conception. These compelling reasons sometimes result in someone living a reckless, unfulfilling life, void of purpose.

On the contrary, everyone has a purpose no matter the circumstance of their birth and can have a fulfilled life by identifying what that purpose is.

How to identify your purpose and fulfil your potential;

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